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Losing weight is not only about building your self confidence, it is more importantly about being healthy.

Hopefully this website will inspire you to want to be healthy and help you become your best version.

Reasons That Will Motivate You to Lose Weight

Some of the reasons that may motivate you to lose weight may surprise you.  Losing weight will help improve or eradicate conditions like diabetes and heart disease, not only that but may also improve any other ailments that you may have and put you at less of a risk for cancer. Studies show people that maintain a healthy weight spend less on health and medical expenses, nearly $1,500 less, that means more money in your pocket!   Your joints will not hurt as much due to less weight strain.

Your energy levels will rise. You may get a raise at work, that’s right, per various studies slimmer people make more money. Extra weight puts strain on your respiratory system and adrenal glands, so losing weight may help relieve some of your allergy and asthma symptoms. Your skin and hair will probably also look healthier in taking on a healthier lifestyle, eating better food with more nutrients and exercising.

You will probably sleep better, snoring and sleep apnea are many times caused by excessive neck weight. You will sweat less, with less weight, you will have less fat which insulates your body and raises your core temperature. Your sex drive will improve due to rising testosterone levels and you will enjoy sex more as well. Per certain studies, your memory may improve, it is shown that excess weight can very well make it difficult for your brain to efficiently work.

Some Good Habits that will Help You Lose Weight Fast

One of the keys is to lose weight quickly without starving yourself. You can achieve this by changing your lifestyle eating habits, not going on a diet fad, and reduce your appetite greatly by eating better.  This will also help your metabolic health at the same time, just by eating better food your body will thank you.

A key factor for you is to significantly cut back on simple carbohydrates, or starches and sugars. Sugar is basically empty calories that will give you quick energy boost and quick crashes, also, excess sugar turns to fat if not burned off as energy.  Eating carbohydrates like white rice – which is very low in nutritional value – bread, and pasta are foods that will stimulate the secretion of insulin the most, insulin being the main hormone in your body that stores fat.  When your insulin levels go down, your body will burn fat as energy which is a more efficient form of energy as well and your kidneys will shed excess sodium and water which will reduce bloating in your body. Stay away from sodas and energy drinks high in sugar.

Eating a diet based on protein, fat and vegetables has helped me lose 50 lbs.  In addition to changing your life style eating habits, it is important to stay away from foods that have been genetically modified (GMOs).  Also, try whenever possible to use organic food and stay away from foods that are GMO and/ or have been sprayed with pesticides.  A typical morning may be, two eggs, add bacon somedays, not every day, or grilled chicken and wash it down with green tea or coffee.  In the afternoon and/or, either chopped turkey, chicken, salmon or pork chops with green vegetables or a hearty vegetable soup. The best fat to cook in is coconut oil which is rich in medium chain triglycerides that are more fulfilling and may boost your metabolism. Healthier carb sources are wild rice, oat meal, sweet potatoes, quinoa and fruits. Also, avoid eating processed food, try to stick to whole foods.  Eating a high-protein diet will help curb your food cravings significantly.

Many people including myself recommend a cheat day, where you allow yourself to indulge in high-carbs like pizza.  It is a good idea to reward yourself and not totally cut out foods you enjoy, so you do not wind up, one day saying screw it and over indulging and getting back into your old habits.

Just doing the above stated lifestyle changes your will find yourself losing weight fast, but if you want to lose even more weight fast and be that much healthier exercising would be great for you.  Now you do now have to go to the gym, I know how boring and tedious that can be.  You can start out just by walking.  A great way to motivate yourself and do something good would be to adopt a dog in need from a shelter and walk that dog every day!  They’ll love you for it and it will be healthy for the both of you.  Other things you can do are sprints, jump rope, hiking – by the way, the benefits of just one hike can last your body up to one month – bike riding, swimming, and lift some weights.  Do not forget to warm up before you do any exercise!  A good night’s rest will help as well.  I hope this information helps you and good luck on becoming your best version.